Trainer Rotating and Thrusting Suction Cup Masturbator

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Length : 28 cm x 9 cmDiameter : 1.5 inMaterial : Jelly RubberRotation Speed : Multi-speed RotationsThrusting FunctionBattery-LessThe Trainer is a top-..

  • Length : 28 cm x 9 cm
  • Diameter : 1.5 in
  • Material : Jelly Rubber
  • Rotation Speed : Multi-speed Rotations
  • Thrusting Function
  • Battery-Less

The Trainer is a top-of-the-line rotating and thrusting masturbator. It has three separate functions for three different kinds of pleasure:

- Rotations

- Thrusting

- Combined rotations and thrusting

Several different modes are available for each function, allowing you to discover hundreds of different stroking styles. This male sex toy will shake up your sexual routine! You can also adjust the speed. You’ll be sure to find the perfect motion to rock your ocean.

A deluxe automatic masturbator

The transparent jelly sleeve is lined with soft nodules and ribbing and has a flexible 3.5-inch diameter. The depth of penetration is 4.75 inches. The sleeve can be removed from the shell for cleaning.

A user’s guide for your Rotating & Thrusting Masturbator

The Trainer masturbator is rechargeable using the USB cable provided. There is no need to use batteries, as the masturbator will stay charged for hours. To recharge the device, simply plug the USB cable into the masturbator and plug the other end into any USB port. Leave your masturbator to charge for at least two hours before using it.

This masturbator has several different functions: rotations or thrusting motions or even both at the same time.

- Hold down the bottom left button for a few seconds to switch your sex toy on or off. You can then choose a function:

- F1 activates the rotations

- F2 activates the vertical thrusting

- F3 activates the simultaneous rotating and thrusting

- You can adjust the speed by pressing the R-S button

Each function features several different modes. Choose a rotation mode by pressing the F1 button: random, regular, alternating, etc. Press the F2 or F3 button to discover the thrusting and rotating/thrusting modes available on this masturbator. For each mode, you can easily adjust the speed by pressing the bottom right R-S button. Pressing the R-S button will increase the speed.

The fantastic features of this rotating and vibrating suction cup masturbator

This masturbator has a very modern, sleek look. A far cry from gaudy, cheap-looking men’s toys, this masturbator looks like it could be a decorative object in your home. It features a suction-cup base that allows to you stick it onto any smooth surface for a hands-free session. Just attach the suction cup onto the toy by using the screw mechanism on its base. To affix the suction cup to a surface, push the lever to “open”, position your toy, and then push the lever to “lock”.

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